Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pics from practice


John, dropping back

Adam, BJ, Christy and Cheryl

Today was a fun day of practice. I always love to stay for the weekend workshop following trainings. In the trainings or Immersions we usually do not do a lot of asana and it is always just so fun to move and practice and enjoy being with the people you were with all week in a whole new way. Today was no different. We had a nice mellow backbending pracitce this morning and a great forward bend and pranayama class this afternoon. Two of the local students are getting married today so John used relationship as his theme all day.
I had the chance to ask John some technical questions during class and so that was fun. As usual, he replied in ways that made me see much confusion out there in the Anusara Yoga world about what poses actually look like are confusions about what is classic form and what are remedial poses or variations. We have a generation or more of Anusara Yoga students who just do not know Light on Yoga and yet in very few cases is that standard different than John's standard for classic form. Every time I check in with him about something like that he is always in agreement with Light on Yoga. He doesn't teach like that very much but when I ask a question he just downloads a ton of info about any given pose. It is really just great.
I went out to lunch with a friend named Melissa and to dinner with Sundari, Skeeter, BJ and Tiffany. I am getting packed up tonight since I am assisting in the Level 1 class tomorrow and then I will take the Level 2 class and then get on the shuttle and go to the airport and return home. Monday I am having a group practice at my place so if you can make it, let me know. 12-3. The usual. I am pretty sore still from yesterday's practice but my then perhaps I will be ready to rock and roll.
That's it for now.
OH WAIT- one other thing. I got the draft back from my editor and she and I are about two weeks from a final manuscript. Unbelievable. We should make it in time to get the book out by Estes Park if all goes well. Yippee.


Mandy said...

That's exciting Christina....I'm looking forward to reading your book. The last one is such a gem.

Lisa said...

I want one of the first copies!!! :-) Love,

Leanne said...

Excellent news!