Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So it was a very mellow day for Christina. I woke up for a 7:00 conference call with Carlos and the gang to have our review on Tantra. As always, it was interesting and fun to learn from him and to hear the groups thoughts on the subject.

Then I worked on some thing with my book so that I could send it out to the people I quoted for their approval and to begin to ask for endorsements for the book jacket.

Anne came down from Austin and we did a lovely practice. It was one of the one's that Geeta taught last summer so that was fun to revisit.

Supta Padangusthasana 1-4 (2X)
supta swastikasana (2X)
supta baddha konasana
eka pada supta virasana variations
padmasana- right leg in first
Parvatasana in padmasana
parsva padmasana
urdhva hastasana in dandasana
parsva dandasana with arms in urdhva hastasana
Repeat from padmasana- with left leg in first
ardha padmasana with one leg in dandasana turning to the padmasana leg
supta virasana
simhasana 2X
matsyasana 2X
sirsasana - legs in baddha konasana, legs in uppa vistha konasana, one leg in baddha konasana-one leg in uppa vistha, legs in virasana, padmasana
sarvangasana- legs in uppa vistha konasana, leg in baddha konasana, dropping over to setu bandhasana, parsva sarvangasana in padmasana

Then Anne and me and Kelly had lunch- everything on the plate was from our Greenling basket. The salad was great. I hardly eat salad anymore since I find it so hard to digest but we used some of the lettuce that we got in the basket. (And I made one of my favorite dressings- 2T sherry vinegar, 2T maple syrup, 2 T oil, 1T chopped shallots, salt, pepper. Yummy. And we got shallots in our basket!)

Then I realized I was tired and so I laid down, Kelly put some acupuncture needles in me and then after he took them out I rolled over, and slept for 3 hours! (I hardly ever nap! But what a great thing! And it was so awesome to have the time to rest after my trip to regroup because that trip to Park City, while fun, was not restful at all.)

Then Kelly and I got involved in making dinner and then we ate and now I am watching So You Think You Can Dance? which John Friend and Christy Nones got me into in Park City. I like this show. Right now, however, the judges are tearing down my favorite performers which is bumming me out a bit. Kelly keeps reminding me that if all the judges gave feedback like Anusara Yoga teachers it would not be a successfull reality show. Think about it- "Now your make-up was good, I liked your costume, I could really sense the love in your heart and the caring you had for all of us, and you have worked really hard to get here and I want to honor you for that- now if you could just dance a little better..."

Anyway- that's it for now. Oh- and some future practice opportunites. I think we are planning for the next two Wednesdays in San Marcos. 12-3. Let me know if you plan to come. Then I am out of town for two weeks.

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