Monday, June 2, 2008

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Jesse and Meg
Emily and Hubby
Jen and hubby-- Off to Hawaii today. Travel safe. I miss you already.
The group- hard to see that there were almost 40 peoplea t the table.
Daphne and Family
More of Daphne's family

Just a few pics from dinner at the Clay Pit. I have a very cheap camera and it was very dark in the restaurant and so these are not great but the meal and the company sure was. (Thanks to Lisa for her very excellent efforts at organizing our Feast of Fullness.)

The last day of the Immersion- The Purnahuti- was another really great day. We had a Jeopardy-style review game which actually went very well. (Although it would be an interesting post sometime exploring the different sides of personality that arise when we have a game to play and we are put on the spot. Not enough time for that today, however.) We did a nice, long back bend practice continuing the work on aligning the inner body and working a lot of refining the work of the feet throughout which went very well. Everyone has just gotten so much more skillful this year, it continues to impress me. And then we had a brief sharing and closure "ceremony".

As I pondered the day I realized that for me, while this phase is completed and I definitely think it is worth commemorating and taking time to acknowledge the huge commitment it is to take part in an Immersion- especially a 108-hour Immersion that meets over the course of a year- I realized that part of why I did not feel sad is that for me it really doesn't seem like the end at all. Many of my friends and students in Anusara Yoga I have now known for almost ten years. This is a long-term thing. We have teacher training, we have the certification process, we have so many practices, classes, workshops and twists and turns of life's circumstances to share that are just stretching out in front of us. It is so cool. This is a beginning. I really, really feel that way. It gets more from here, not less, even though the structure shifts away from the Immersion format.

So- I am off to Park City, Utah for a Therapy Training with John Friend which is sure to be fabulous. I am bringing my computer on this trip so I can update the blog with juicy tidbits from the training. Enough for now. Thanks to everyone who took part in the Immersion this year. It was a blast. Special thanks to spouses and family members who took care of the kids, helped to finance the training, cooked meals and so on so you could be gone all those weekends!

More soon.

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