Friday, June 6, 2008


We had a great day yesterday. More work in the lower back and focusing in the SI and also some great work about the elbows, wrists and hands. (Dad, I have some new ideas to try so get your butt to Texas!)

The interesting thing about Therapy Training is seeing how much of this stuff John used to teach us in weekend workshops and week-long intensives. We learned 75% or what he is teaching this week in the course of our asana workshops with him. Almost everything we are doing in here- except for a portion of the specific bodywork techinques- Des used to teach in public classes. It reminds me of how I feel about the Immersion format. I do think they are great- the immersions and therapy trainings-- but I am thinking about how weird it is to me at times that these things are getting extracted out from the whole. Public classes are now much more practice-based and same with workshops. In many ways I think this is appropriate and in many ways it makes me sad because I think we are creating "specialized knowledge" rather than "integrated knowledge". Anyway- this is a big topic.

Thursday after the workshop I went to Cheryl's class and then to a small party at John's. It was fun. I left early but it still put me home super late. Then I was all amped up from the frolic and it took me a long time to settle down. So I was pretty late to bed and then early to rise and a bit tired this morning. Pranayam helped a ton as did my japa and meditation and a big mug of black tea!

The training wrapped up nicely with a foray into Chronic Fatigue and fibromayalgia treatment from an Ansuara Yoga perspective. The training ended at 1:00 and at 2:15 until 6:00 John led a group practice for the certified teachers and his staff and so that was a 4-hour extravagnaza of backbending fun. More or less the sequence:

Slow, steady surya namaskar variations with long holds
baddha konasana'
padmasana in handstand
pinca- backbended with a neck technique I will share in class soon
trikonasana-ardha chandrasana-urdhva prasarita eka padasana- vira 1 flow
ardha bhekasana
supta virasana for a long long time
handstnading backbends at the wal
supt virasana
kapotasana push up to straight arms
one-leg kapotasana drop backs
shiyanasana prep
eka hasta shiyanasana
eka pada rajakapotasana prep
eprk with thigh stretch
drop backs to urdhva danurasana
one arm drop backs
viparita chakrasana
headstand drop overs
tick tocks
headstand drop over to eka pada viparita dandasana
eprk 1,2,3,4
padangustha danurasana
badha konasana
parivritta janu sirsasana
parsva uppa vistha konasana
triang mukha ekapada pascimottanasana
baradvajasana 2
yogi dandasana
ardha matsyendrasana
seated meditation



Leanne said...

Thank you!

The Frosolono Patriarch said...


Perhaps I could send my butt to TX via FedEx or UPS; however, I don't think that's what you have in mind.

Prior to our next visit or move to TX with butt, et al., why don't you send your Aged Parent 1 some photos with explanations of what your learned from John Friend re my decrepit hands and wrists?

All is well here. This morning I finished the great majority of the painting on the lower deck latices, railings, posts, and poles. I have a few more touch-up jobs to do, including repainting the door to the basement.

We're having extremely hot weather here; therefore, we don't work beyond noon. I was out on the back deck at 0830 this morning.

Since we last talked, we've had no potential buyers at either of the houses. We remain every hopeful, although this economy depresses the real estate market even here on the lake. A side benefit of the high gas prices results in the dearth of boat, especially jet ski, traffic on the lake.

Give us a call when you return to San Marcos. We'll be out tonight -for dinner with Bob, Marie, Ralph, and Marilyn.



Christina Sell said...

They are bodywork techniques, Dad, so they are not really something I can take a picture of. I have to do them to you!