Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Morning

So at Karen's house in Idaho there were Peacock's in her backyard. I thought this was pretty fantastic and took a few pictures. On Saturday night as Chris (Karen's Hubby) was making a fabulous meal, the male actually spread his tail feathers and was trying to woo the female. It was really incredible- his tail, that is; not the fact that he wanted to have relations. She was more interested in eating than she was in his offer. (Nice to know that phenomena exist cross-species, huh?) Okay- at any rate, here are some pics of the peacocks. I kept thinking they must be cold in the snow and was trying to convince Chris that he should let them into the house. He assured me they were very warm in their down coats. But see how this first on is right up against the house just shivering?!!!

And so back to Wednesday...

Kelly and I slept in this morning then I did my morning practices. Now I am enjoying a cup of tea with milk, honey and Chyavanprash. Yummy. I am in a phase where I am finding it increasingly difficult to make myself wake up early if I do not have to. I think the travel I have been doing is tiring and throws my schedule off a bit and so on the days I am home I have found I have a lot of "catching up" to do on sleep. Since I am someone who tends to push myself, I have to just lay down the cattle prod on these days, be content to get less done and allow myself the time to sleep more. In some ways that is easy- being that, like I said, I am finding it really hard to rouse myself unless it is absolutely necessary. The next step is not beating myself up that I am indulgent, lazy and without any tapas whatsoever. I am doing reasonably well on that front but I am strongly wired towards the "you can sleep when you are dead" model of life. (Of course, Craig informs me that life without sleep will insure that I am dead sooner rather than later! Craig did not put it that way exactly, but he does insist repeatedly that sleep is the #1 thing we can do for our health.)

Yesterday was a reasonably busy day with lots of catching up things to do in domains other than sleep... I updated the San Marcos School of Yoga website- a little- mostly with workshops information. Check it out under Special Events- scroll down and the information for Darren's visit is posted. You will also notice that Sianna's workshop is no longer listed. That is because she and I discussed how ridiculous it would be to try to do a weekend here in September right before we both went to Estes Park to teach with the whole Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering. So look for her to come in 2009 instead. Also- Please make a note that while I am hosting Desiree in a few weeks, her workshop is in Austin at Clear Spring Studio, not in San Marcos. There seems to be some confusion on that point.

Okay- with Kelly sick I took his hair cut appointment with the very talented Ana Johnson. (Many of you in the Immersion know her.) At any rate, I have a snazzy new haircut- well, not entirely new, just a little shorter and a little sassier. I got through most of my homework for Carlos and managed to do an almost 3-hour practice which was great and from which I am pretty sore. But I did not get to the farmer's market and I did not watch the certification video I was supposed to watch. I am considering just putting that off until I am on the plane on Friday and doing my review then. (Remember my earlier pep talk about being contented to get less done?)

I have classes tonight down here which I am looking forward to. Then I will be teaching in Austin on Thursday no matter what the YY online roster says. I am coming. I will be there. Please come so I can see your smiling faces! Also, please support Kim J.'s Tuesday night classes at Westage. She is kindly filling in for me and she is a great teacher with lots to offer.

Okay then-the day beckons. Time for some asana.

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