Saturday, April 5, 2008

Been a while

So-- on Thursday I was still so tired and overloaded from being gone and getting ready to go again that I decided to ask Anne to sub my nighttime classes. What was great about that is that it cleared my day so that I could take care of myself and also spend some time with Mom and Dad before they went back to Georgia. We all went out for a really great dinner together and I had time to pack and organize myself for my trip to Arizona. I had really been looking forward to teaching that night but I also really needed a night off. I was feeling closer to the edge than I like to feel. And from all reports, Anne taught stellar classes and so that is good.

I left home on Friday at 6:3o to go to the airport. The flight was uneventful. I managed to catch up on my homework from the study group with Carlos on the plane and when I got to Rachel's house. So that little task is done. Now all I have to do is get prepared for this week's lesson!

The workshop has been great. The group is a bit smaller than it was the last time I was here but it is such a great feeling to be back teaching at Prescott Yoga and to see everyone that I know so well. One thing that me and some of my yoga teacher friends who teach workshops always talk about is how difficult the Friday night class can be to teach in a weekend workshop. It is generally a "getting to know you" kind of class. The students have to learn how to take your class and what you mean by the what you are saying different or the same from how their teachers might say the same thing and so on. So as the Friday night class was so easy to teach and then Saturday morning was the same way, at some point I realized that it was because everyone in the room knows how to take a yoga class from me! They took classes from me for over 5 years, some of them! So it has been an easy and smooth feeling weekend because of that. A real pleasure for me to teach and to see how everyone's practice is evolving and growing.

The weather in Prescott is at its best- cool air, gentle breeze, warm sun and blue sky. So nice. I went to meditation this morning at the ashram, taught three classes came home and Rachel and I cooked an awesome meal of veggies and rice (my favorite thing to eat these days- variations on the "veggies and a grain" theme) and then I went to The Raven to see my friends' band, SHRI, play. It was awesome. Now, time for bed.

Lots more to say as I have a lot on my mind these days but now I must wind down. Tomorrow is a big day. I am going to teach in the morning and then go out to the ashram for an afternoon and evening of activities. I will hopefully get some time to write either late tomorrow or sometime Monday.

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