Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Personal Time

So-- it has been really great to have a few days off and to have some personal time to regroup. Yesterday I did a nice, long 3-hour practice and made myself so very sore. I am working with the instructions John gave me in Urdhva Danurasana relative to my carrying angles to help me get deeper into my upper back. Now I have known him almost 10 years now and I have never doubted his genius and expertise but every now and then I see it with new eyes and great gratitude. So with this little piece of info he gave me in Costa Rica about how to work my arms along with the tip about the 4th toes he gave in Tucson and I must say that viparita chakrasana is coming right along. WOW. I have been able to do that pose for quite some time but I can see the implications of this work and the opening it is generating for some other poses. At any rate it was nice to have the afternoon to practice with no scheduled appointment/class at the end of the day. It was quite freeing even though I missed seeing everyone who normally comes on Monday night.

I also did some very mundane things like laundry, cleaning out under my bathroom sink, organizing some spring clothes and so on. I think most of that was under the category of "nesting", which felt very grounding to me.

Today I slept until I woke up, did my morning pranayama, japa, meditation and pujas. Then we walked the dogs. I did some gentle asana and then we went kayaking which was great. THe sun is just perfect and sparkling on the water and I am always just so happy to be in my little pink boat.

On a side note several people up in Vancouver mentioned how surprised they were to see me wearing pink (This is when I bought a pink Lululemon outfit on my trip) and how they did not think of me as a "pink person". And I kept saying that "Well, I do not know why- I have always loved pink!" So then I got to thinking of all the things I have that are pink- I have a pink kayak, a pink paddling jacket, a sparkling pink helmet, a pink watch, a pink cell phone, a pink silk sari from India, some fabulous pink necklaces, lots of pink clothes from T-shirts to dresses to blouses. I even have a pair of pink plaid sneakers, two pairs of pink sandals and now a very cute pink Lululemon outfit! Anyway- pink is a great color. In fact if Kelly would have let me, our bedroom would be pink. But anyway, I digress.

Kelly and I ate lunch on the porch and in a little while we will walk over to the farmer's market. I am hoping they will have the fresh strawberries this week. Then I am planning another long practice and then some homework for Carlos later this evening.

It is really nice to feel myself unwinding a little. And what an amazing day of weather. Spring perfection. Really.


Leanne said...

Ok- I was one of the people that said I didn't think of you as a "pink person" but I have to say you looked absolutely soft and gorgeous in it- you echoed the cherry blossoms on the trees outside. Spring embodied.

And I completely forgot about the pink kayak!
Lots of love-

whatnot said...

you also have a pink blog.

whatnot said...

just sayin'.

Christina Sell said...

Yes, right- a pink blog. Never overlook the obvious.

Leanne said...

Good grief- I am oblivious!

Jeff said...

I can loan you the hot pink sticky mat with blue paisley prints... love, anzy

Christina Sell said...

There is a line. That might be it.