Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update on Mundane Details

I got home from Vancouver on Monday around 7:15 pm. Kelly was teaching. So after he got out of class around 8:15, we headed down to San Antonio to pick up Mom and Dad who were returning from their trip to Italy. (Which according to all reports sounded fabulous.) We finally got to bed around midnight.

Tuesday was reasonably uneventful. Laundry, dog walk, yoga practice and then I went into Austin to teach at Westgate. It was fun to see everybody. I worked with the theme of Light in both classes- the light of the heart, the light of awareness, the light of divinity. That sort of thing. Susan, Susan, Mike and Katherine double-dipped.

Yesterday after breakfast and a small interpersonal matter, I practiced asana. Then I took Dad to his appointment with Craig. During his session Mom and I went to REI where I got some supplies for my upcoming trip. Then we met up with Kelly for lunch at Central Market and a trip to Cavendar's so that Dad could buy a cowboy hat. They all went back home and I had an appointment with Craig. Then I came home and taught my Wednesday night class while Kelly took Moshie the greyhound to the vet and got dinner ready.

So that takes us to this morning where I am catching up on my blog and munching on apples. I think after breakfast we are going to do a dog walk and then I am going to do an asana practice. Then Anne is coming for lunch and the afternoon before my Thursday night classes.

Tomorrow I am headed to Prescott to teach. I will be gone for the week after that, I will get home on April 11th and then we have The Immersion! Part Three! The week after that I have some friends visiting so I will not teach on Tuesday night and then off to Idaho and then the following weekend to Montana and then Des is here. The week after that I am in Denver at the Certified Teacher's Gathering. Okay- so it is a busy, busy, busy time for me.

But speaking of Des- if you have not registered, please do so- the workshop is almost full. Also Brigitte is going to host a potluck on Saturday night at her home and so plan on coming to that. Significant others are welcome. We have lots of folks coming from out of town so I am hoping that they will come to the potluck and give us a chance to connect with one another.

So that is the mundane detail update. I do have a few deeper things on my mind but not the energy to write about them right now. Mostly this week at home has felt like a transition with more to do than I have time to do it in.

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Jeremiah Wallace said...

"Trust your head around, it's all around you. All is Full of Love, all around you." -Bjork

Wisdom in the words.