Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night

So we finished up the workshop this afternoon with some grueling hip openers and the "calves of butter" sequence. I will have to teach that soon in Austin, seems like a long time since I have taught that one. Everyone worked hard and it was a good weekend.

The sun came out yesterday which was really great. Today it is totally sunny and warm. I think this is a common northern kind of spring. Sunny days, snowy days, etc. I keep thinking how in Texas people are hanging out by the river already and working on their tans! Crazy. You can get on a plane and in less than a day be somewhere that is completely different.

Okay- so I leave bright and early in the morning to travel home. Kim teaches Tuesday, I am teaching in San Marcos Wednesday and then Thursday I will be in Austin. Then I will miss two Thursdays in a row. I have a trip to Denver for the Certified Teacher's Gathering and then I go back to Montana for a seminar my teacher is giving. Yippee.

And one week from tomorrow Kelly officially begins his program at The Texas School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a very exciting time.

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