Sunday, April 20, 2008


We had a fun session this morning with the theme of Bringing Effort to Grace. We worked on arm balances and back bends. It was a really good morning. Lots of people tried the poses, many of them made progress, people were so enthusiastic and positive about their own efforts and about helping one another. It was a real pleasure for me to teach such an open group.

In the afternoon we had a Teacher's Session where we worked with Developing Heart-based Themes. It was a great group of experienced practitioners and teachers. People were really open and interested in learning about the certification process and about how to improve their teaching. I really love working with teachers as it always asks me to refine my presentation and to get more and more clear in the way that I teach. Plus I just love to teach yoga so being around a bunch of people who also love to teach yoga is just great company.

We came home from the studio today to Karen's house and the delicious aromas of Indian food emanating from the kitchen. Karen's husband, Chris, has been our cook in the evening and he is fabulous. He made a great Chinese feast last night with rice and a cabbage dish, a garlic string bean dish and a mixed veggie stir fry in some kind of awesome sauce. Tonight he informs us we have several dishes to look forward to. I am not sure what they all are but they smell fantastic. YUMMMY. Karen asked me what I like to eat and I said, well, pretty much I eat vegetables and rice. Well, this weekend "vegetables and rice" has been elevated to an art form. Lucky for me.

Tomorrow morning Karen and I Are going to take a walk around the lake before heading to the ariport. That is if there is not too much snow. There were flurries on the way home from the studio! Kelly says that on Tuesday (the day after I get home) it will be like 93 degrees in San Marcos. Crazy.

Okay then, enough for now.

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