Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Morning

So- I got up bright and early for a totally inspiring phone call with Carlos Pomeda and our study group. We are reviewing Patanjali's Yoga Sutras this month and there were just so many fascinating points of review and learning. I am still a little out of sorts from just leaping out of bed and into the discussion without my preliminary morning rituals but this morning I chose sleep over meditation since the phone call began at 7am and I just did not want to get out of bed at 6. Following this post I will go and do my morning pranayama and meditations, etc.

One of several inspiring things that came up in our discussion was a about how one should practice. In verse 1.14 Patanjali says that Practice becomes well-established and solid when you do it for a long time, without interruption and with loving dedication. He uses the word satkara for loving dedication. Carlos said it is the same word that is used for how you treat a welcome guest in your home. So we should regard our practice as a guest that we love. I think that is so fantastic. Instead of practice being some imposition, some list of should's and should not's it can be a welcome guest. Love it.

Speaking of which, on my agenda today after my morning meditation is an asana practice, an appointment with Craig and then I am teaching my Wednesday night classes here in San Marcos. I have some homework I need to do and some work on my book project that Regina gave me based on her first read-through. So- really, never a dull moment. I probably won't get to that homework stuff until tonight after I teach.

Okay- so there it is- today's post. I am looking forward to tonight's classes.

A reminder for everyone is that Desriee Rumbaugh will be teaching in Austin May 2-4. If you teach locally, please try to get your students to go to the workshop. It will make your life of teaching Anusara Yoga so much easier if your students can see what you are doing in the context of a larger vision. Desiree is one of the most inspiring teachers in Anusara Yoga and is one of the best at helping stiff people get moving. We have a few spots left- so please try to get your students to go- it is not for teachers only!

Also that Thursday night she will be at Kula Yoga for a DVD release party. One of her friends and students named Monica is on the staff there and is hosting that event so make sure you go to that. More details on that event can be found through Kula Yoga in Austin. I will not be going as I teach my classes that night but it should be a fun time.


JoJosho said...

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Tabatha said...

Classes were great today. I really enjoyed myself. I just got that going up and down in shoulder stand is creating the possibility of doing so in headstand. More spiritually speaking I am proud to be your student. I mean, I appreciate the choices you are making for your life. You are inspirational to me.