Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here is the view from the house where I was staying in Montana. I took this picture on Saturday after the sun had come out and melted the snow. Pretty nice, huh?
It is hard to see in this pic because I took it through a window but there is a herd of deer grazing.

And so other than getting home and eating a great meal that Kelly made and then walking the dogs and unpacking and so forth, yesterday was pretty uneventful It was a long day in planes but I got some work done and I read a great book on this trip. Sepulchre. It is a good read in the semi-historical fiction genre which I love. (this one is very semi.) And since I finished the whole Outlander series (which Amanda D. got me hooked on last summer) recently I needed a good long book to read.

So the following little clip is worth watching and is more inspirational than anything I have to say this morning. I mean take a look at this and then consider why we work hard in asana and why we ask for strong effort from our students. A great testimony of hard but worth it.
Here is a little quote about the clip: "Arthur is a 14-year Army veteran who was discharged after a botched surgery left him disabled and only able to walk with the help of leg braces and canes. Over the next 15 years he gained a considerable amount of weight and became despondent. Eventually he began looking for an exercise program in hopes of relieving his constant pain. What he found transformed his life – and in less than a year. The link below will take you to a YouTube video clip that chronicles Arthur's amazing transformation. The clip is a promotional video for the exercise program Arthur used, called YRG or Yoga for Regular Guys. But I think you'll easily get past the promotional aspect when you witness the extraordinary power of a determined human spirit."



mandy said...

Yeah that was pretty amazing. Thank you soooo much for sharing that.

whatnot said...

i love that he breaks into a run at the end! wahoo!

Christina Sell said...

Just say no to limp-take-it-easy- do- whatver-feels-right-to-you-yoga. This guy made my day.

Leanne said...

That was incredible- Chris and I watched the clip together. I love when he is doing tripod headstand and says "Just because I can't do it today dosen't mean I won't ever do it."

Thanks for that piece of inspiration. I will be passing that on!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I got goosebumps! :-)

Jen said...

Incredible!! Talk about inspiring. Makes you think of life's bumps in the road, and how we can all get over them...never give up. I love what he said "just because I can't do it today, doesn't mean I won't do it ever." We all need to keep that with us!!
Thanks so much for sharing!!