Monday, April 7, 2008

Brief Check In

It has been a busy day- I got up and went to meditation. Then I had breakfast and taught a class on the ashram. I spent the morining cooking lunch at the ashram. After lunch I had an appointment with my bodyworker friend Eric. I always say that he is part physical therapist and part shamanistic exorcist. At any rate, it was somewhat cathartic and kind of provocative in a certain way. The session gave me lots to work with but nothing I feel like making public quite yet. Mostly things to process internally before sharing. And it helped my psoas. It is much looser.

After that, I came home and wrote and then cooked dinner for Dan and Rachel. I made an excellent pasta primavera. I did a little more work and I am now just taking a moment to check in.

I am having a great visit. There are so many people here to see and to catch up with and yet I also am feeling the need for some quite introspection. So that has been an interesting thing to be with. Excitement about seeing everyone and also really needing some down time. Mostly I am jsut trying to absorb the love that is here because I have so many long-standing friendships and relationships here that have been so important to me.

When I get back I am going to have the lovely Kimberly J. teach my Tuesday night classes for about six weeks. This is because I am super busy right now -- like I come home teach an Immerison, then go to Idaho, then to Bozeman, then Des is here, then we have the Teacher's Gathering, etc. Anyway I figured out that I need a little break in the week where I have a day or so off. I realized that these 21-day stints of teaching are just not functional for me over the long haul. Or even in the short term! So I will teach in San Marcos on Wednesdyas and in Austin on Thursdays and then in mid-May I will pick the Tuesday night class back up. I love everything I am doing rightt now but I am doing too much to really take care of myself well. So that is something I have been chewing on a while and I have decided this week.

More tomorrow. It is a more mellow day, I think.


Lisa said...

Good for you for creating some time for yourself. Love you!

Leanne said...

Excellent decision. Chris was looking at your schedule and wondering if it was a recipe for burn out. I think everybody needs at least one full day off each week from obligations- good for you.
Love L. :>)

Jen said...

You know as we go through our daily routines, we find that we have more and more things to do in a day, in a week, and we end up forgetting about time for ourselves because we are so involved with EVERYTHING else. We all need to sit back sometime and evaluate our journey, and take some time for ourselves...good for you!!
Love Jen

Christina Sell said...

Thanks for all of the support. It is really very reassuring to me.