Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where did the time go

Wow- I cannot believe it has been so long since last I wrote.

I spent the day Monday finishing the Immersion with one of the most inspiring wrap-ups ever. Darren said something in the closing circle that really hit it on the head for me as well. He shared that when he is in those circles and listening to people share so honestly it is when he feels the happiest. I feel the same way. There are times when the "not normal" life of teaching yoga everyday and travelling a lot and being away from some of my closest friends gets hard and I wonder about the lifestyle of it a bit. And then there are those moments, like in such circles where it is so obvious why it is that I chose this life and why I give so much time and energy to it. There really is very little else that is like it and I can not imagine a better way to spend my life than in this work.

So the inspiration of the Immersion carried me a lot this week. I spent the day travelling on Tuesday and Mom and Dad came over for dinner that night. Wednesday morning I taught Focus on Form at 9:30, on Wednesday afternoon I filmed my online mentor lesson and then Wednesday evening I taught at 6:00 and then did the local mentoring group at 7:30. This morning I got my hair trimmed, went swimming, made lunch, did a practice and taught at 4:30. Mom and Dad came over dinner and so here it is, Thursday night and I am finally sitting down for a moment.

This week's class were all back bending classes with a focus on parighasana, ardha bahekasana, full bhekasana, nakrasana, ustrasana, urdhva danurasana and eka pada rajakapotasana. Each class had simliar elements and yet took a different pathway toward the peak postures. I think my plan to teach a category of postures each week is going to be a good one. It really made my planning a lot easier.

I go to Idaho tomorrow and I am very excited about it. Karen Sprute-Francovich is an awesome certified teacher with an amazing community of skilled and dedicated practitioners. She is one of the first people in Anusara Yoga that I became really good friends with many years ago and so it is a total thrill to get to go see her and be with her students and teach. Karen is smart, funny, passionate, experienced and full of insight about the yogic life. And she has two amazing sons and a great husband. I am really looking forward to it.

So- that is about it for now. More soon.

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