Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Evening

So, I had an early wake-up today. We had a 9am class but since there is a time difference between Austin and Louisville it was a 8am class according to my body's clock. So, a cup of black tea, some green powder and a shower and it was just fine.

The students at Yoga East are really great. The owner and director, Laura Spaulding, is a long-time asana practioner and teacher with tons of experience in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. She is super funny, smart, sincere and dedicated and her students are very focused, receptive and fun to work with. We spent the morning looking at shoulder principles, stanading poses and arm balances. We spent the afternoon deep into hip opening and twists. It was a good day.

After class Laura and I went out to Cuban food which was fantastic. I have never had such yummy spinach! It must have been the copious amounts of olive oil it was cooked in. We had a great talk about yoga and our backgrounds and how we got into teaching. It was fun to hear her story and her very humbling reflections on how she got into this all-comsuming life of being a yoga teacher.

She told me the coolest thing about being in Mysore right before Patabhi Jois passed. He had been in the hospital and came home. Reportedly, he told his family doctor to take him home saying, "I am not leaving my prana at the hospital." He came home and passed 2 days later. God, I love that story. Talk about surendering your last breath consciously. Very cool.

Okay, well, time for bed or at least to read a while before I fall asleep. I am reading a great book called The 19th Wife which is a whole Mormon story, which I love.

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