Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Night

SO- what a great weekend. Kelly and I got on a plane for Newark early in the morning and arrived right around noon. We met up with Emma and Chris and they took us to the studio for a 1-4 intermediate/advanced practice. It was really great. We got into some good back bends and worked on dropping over from sirsasana to dwi pada viparita dandasana. We had a really fun time.

We had a chance to go home and make some food before the evening class where we worked a lot on hip openings and on uttanasana and padmasana.

And the weekend went on very nicely from there. Emma is obviously such a good teacher. Her students are so well trained, such good listeners and so sincere in their practices that they were a pleasure to teach and to work with. They had all the basics covered and had a good understanding of the principles already so my work was to offer a different perspective, some different sequences and refinements. We really had a good time.

In addition to the fun yoga we all got to do, Kelly and I enjoyed some fantastic meals. We had a great pizza dinner on Saturday, a fantastic rooftop meal on Sunday and on Monday Kelly and I went into the city to meet my friend Elena and we enjoyed a meal in New York City that was off the charts.

There is more upon which to reflect but the hour is late and it is time now for bed.

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