Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good Morning

We started the day talking about the connection to having a high vision, connecting your vision with The Highest and how the task then becomes to serve the vision and to serve the Highest. Darren and I started by asking the group for questions and we spent the morning working on a lot of technical applications of the principles and doing some partner work to help ground the ideas int the body. After a short lunch break we came back for a backbend practice with the theme of compassion. (Muscle Energy, embrace yourself totally and draw into the source f compassion that.) We got to some good backbends and the mood stayed soft and tender in the hard work which was quite sweet.

As always, I am having a very fun time teaching with my friend Darren. He and I learn so much from one another and I think what I love most is that since the very beginning of my friendship with Darren (Like 10 years now) I have felt very supported to be exactly who I am and we both share a passion for growth, change and the work necessary to bring these ideas to life. So how that transfers into the teaching environment is that I feel a great freedom and ease which makes the atmosphere quite profound for me.

Also it is a cool thing for the students in the group to have two teachers and to have two perspectives and two sets of hands and so on so that I always just feel so good about what we are offerring together. Part of our intention this week was to mine the syllabus for those poses that do not get covered very often- obviously the inversions but also things like uttana padasana, full bhekasana, supta virasana, parighasana and so we have had a good time with teaching some of the lesser known and weirder poses.

Well, time to finish up and finish getting ready for the day ahead. We have a practice this morning, then a day with Carlos Pomeda and then I teach a public class at Yoga Oasis East tonight. Fun stuff!

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