Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Morning

So I had a very full day yesterday.

I taught Focus on Form and we worked with bhujangasana, urdhva mukha svanasana, sirsasana, navasana, uttana padasana, ustrasana and sarvangasana and getting a big shoulder loop established and maintained in each of those postures and throughout the sequence. It was a good time.

The sequence went like this:
  • Basic variations of Surya Namaskar-lots
  • cobra exploration- lots
  • Urdhva mukha svanasana exploration-lots
  • prasarita paddottanasana- concave spine
  • prasarita paddottanasana- head down
  • sirsasana exercise- with block in upper back at the wall
  • sirsasana- 5 minutes
  • paripurna navasana- 2X
  • ardha navasana- 2X
  • uttana padasana prep- lifting chest and placing head- 2X
  • urdhva prasarita padasana, lowering legs in stages- 5X
  • uttana padasana- add legs and arms- 2X
  • thigh stretches at the wall- 2X
  • ustrasana- 3 X
  • sarvangasana- 5 minutes
  • maricyasana 3
  • savasana

I did a very similar sequence at 6pm for the Level 2/3 class although we added some standing poses in surya namaskar sequence and urdhva danurasana after ustrasana. In the morning I worked with the theme of remembering one's greatness and in the evening I used the same poem I used and posted yesterday because I got an email from J-man saying, "How did that poem work, you must tell me!" Knowing that he would be in class I just re-used it. And like Douglas Brooks says, "If something is worth hearing once, it is worth hearing more than once."

Anyway, I spent the afternoon prepping for the Online Mentoring Group. I had hoped to get done in time for the instructor's practice from 2-4 but there was no way. I was at my computer until 5:3o when I left for my 6pm class! Anyway, it is worth it. The online group is are on lesson three now: Developing Heart-Based Language which builds on the first two lesson which were about Developing Heart-Based Themes. I am really enjoying the online course and the format is unique and effective from what I can tell right now. It is a really cool thing.

When I was done with that I prepped for the evening class and the Local Mentoring Group where we are exploring the assessment standard for Warm-Ups and moving into working with the standards for Observation and Adjustment. We were reduced in numbers but I think that allowed us to really spend some time on individual concerns and experiences. It was a lovely evening.

I plan to make time for a long practice today and perhaps a walk outside since the rain has let up. I will finish packing and prepping for the weekend in Corpus and get ready for my trip to Arizona. Next week Hannah will sub my evening classes, Brigitte will sub Focus on Form and I will be back teaching a week from Wednesday.

More soon.


mark said...

Q: Who in the world teaches Uttana Padasana?
A: Christina Sell.

Thanks for that.

My bbends felt so good last night...felt like I could viparita chakrasan at the end. Except my right elbow is kind of tweaky.

Any advice on my fixing an elbow that is tweaked from years of hyper extension in yoga?

Leanne said...

Hi Christina! You mentioned your mentoring group is talking about observation. If a student curls their feet the wrong way in cobra and brought their hands together as they forward folded and you didn't catch it during the posture is that a "no-go" item on your video?

Christina Sell said...

Depends on how many things like that there are, I would think. If that is the only thing, make a note of it on your application. If it one of many little things like that, make another one.