Friday, October 9, 2009


I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain pouring down and just wanted to snuggle down a bit deeper! I did get out of bed and to my puja room for pranayama, meditation and japa practice. It was very sweet to sit and hear the rain outside.

Now I am finishing up my tea as I catch up on the online mentor group classroom and am checking in here. I posted a new lesson for the online group on Thursday but we are still all chatting away about Week #1's lesson. It has been really cool to see how the online forum provides a way to connect and share. One thing that one of the participants mentioned is that because it is not "live" (I post a series of video clips and teachings and people watch at home) there are no interruptions or distractions and I can stay very focused in presenting the material and the students can stay focused on learning and also can replay the lesson if they want to.

Also, I notice that when someone asks a question in the online format, they have pondered it and already worked with a bit just through the act of writing it down. And what has been great to see- and I had hoped this would happen- is that the other members of the group are answering one another's questions and we are really able to have a sharing and discussion together. It is a very cool thing.

All right- so today I head out to Kentucky. I have never been there before so I am looking forward to meeting some new people and seeing a new part of the country. I get back Sunday night and will be teaching my classes next week at Castle Hill.

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