Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is your Highest Vision

We had a pretty amazing Day One. This is Part Two and so in many ways it is a lot easier because the momentum of Part One kind of carries the group. We started the day with a contemplation about "What is Your Highest Vision?" People broke int small groups and shared and then we circled up in the big group for introductions and for the name game. And very cool thing- 37 people learned one another's names.

Then we went right into a rockin' asana practice:

Surya Namaskar variation
Pinca Mayurasana
Clasped Vira 1, to "Humble Warrior"- 2X
parsvakonasana, hand inside
parsvakonasana, clasped
parsva utthita hasta pdangushtasana
clapes parsvakonasana to clasped uttanasana to clasped pasrva utthita hasta padangusthasana
prasarita paddottanasana, clasped
deep hip stretches in lunge
eka hasta bhujasna
dwi hasta bhujasana
uppavistha konasana
visvamitrasana, prep
childs pose

Then we had short break for lunch and came back for the somewhat sobering conversation of "So you have this vision..what will it cost you....what price are you willing to bad do you want it?" Then we launched into supta virasana which was such a difficult pose for everybody that we spend the afternoon in preparatory postures- with deep work for the feet and calves with the vajrasana series, lots groin work and lots of work in gomukhassana and lo and behold, 2 hours later, what had been excruciating and difficult for most was in the realm of manageable. This is a pose me and Darren are super committed to this week so we made sure to tell people, it is not going away so we have to make our peace with it.

It was a fairly seamless day. Darren and shared the teaching in a very easeful way and the students came open, receptive and ready to work. One thing I love about this group is that they have a lot of fire and a lightness as well. It is a very cool combination but I remember from last time how totally freed up I felt teaching them because they were so able to get with mine and Darren's intensity that we didn't have to waste a lot of time or energy explaining about why we create intensity as practitioners. They came in ready at that level. It is a cool thing when that happens.

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