Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weekend with Noah

I would have posted sooner about the weekend but Noah stayed yesterday to play and so we spent the morning kayaking and the afternoon practicing. Late in the afternoon Kelly took Noah to the airport and I taught my classes. After classes Meg and Chris were over at our house and so we talked to them which was awesome. Now, finally, I have a chance to get to the computer and post something. (Although let's be clear, personal time with people I love is always preferable to posting on a blog. Real life is always the priority to writing about life on the blog.)

Ari took pictures. None of the picutres that I took came out because I failed to notice that the was an error reading on the camera. Hmmm.... Go visit hers at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatnot/sets/72157603422870579/

I had a great time all weekend long. Classes were fun. The breaks were nearly ecstatic for me, sitting around eating and talking with Noah, Anne, Kelly, Chris and Meg. One thing that really struck me at one point was that me, Noah, Meg and Chris all graduated from Prescott College. This, on the surface may not seem like much, but this school is a very small, specialized school that attracts a certain type of person. (The type of person who actually prefers living outside to living inside, eating tofu over meat and wearing Birkenstocks over anything remotely fashionable. You get my point- at heart, we are all granola-eating, tree-hugging, liberally-minded zealots who fell out of mainstream life before we turned 20 and are fundamentally ill-suited to ever having a "real job"...) So we just kept cracking each other up with all of our different and similar experiences. And add to the Prescott College bond, 3 of the 4 PC grads are Anusara Yoga practitioners and teachers. Talk about shared reference points!

And as much as I have been head over heels in love with being in Texas and my new friends here, it was deeply rejuvenating for to hang out with my friends I have known for the last 8 years.

Oh- and the yoga. Well, that was fun, too. It is always fun to take classes with people who I know from being in John's workshops together and to see how the same teachings have taken root in each of us in similar and different ways. I always laugh that we are all drinking from the same well in Anusara Yoga. But since the water is sweet and refreshing, that is a great and wonderful thing. Weekends like this make me so grateful for what John Friend has given all of us with Anusara Yoga and for what we are building together in this most excellent company.

Please feel free to share your impressions and reflections from the weekend. I love to hear about how the teachings are coming alive in others. On our chat group Jesse posted some brilliant reflections on Yoga THerapy which were right on. I will write more on that this week. Also, yes, I will share Creamy Green Soup recipe this week.

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