Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pics First

Well, here are some pictures from today. I think I got one of everyone but Caroline, Sheldon and Susan. Kelly, who has always been the group photographer on such occasions actually practiced throughout the whole thing (and pulled down some awesome moves, by the way!) which meant that he wasn't looking for an excuse to get out of practicing (like taking pictures) and so we were not on top of everyone getting included. OOPS. Hopefully when Lisa sends me her pictures, she got one or two of SCaroline, Susan and/or Sheldon. Anyway, I will write more tomorrow. Mostly, it was a really fun time. Thanks to everyone who made it today. We must do it again sometime. Also you will notice that Lisa is featured a lot. That is because she was in the ARM BALANCING ZONE today.

Tabatha Slaughter in eka pada raja kapotasana
Tabatha in sirsasana.
Tabatha Halfman in janu sirsasana.
Zoe, Wild Thing.

Mandy, Hummingbird.
MIke, looking quite comfortable in kukkutasana.
Stan in the mist.
Lisa, dwi pada koundinyasana.

Jeremiah, eka hasta bhujasana.
Kelly, loooking handsome. (Although he wants to make sure that people know that he is in a bad ass arm balance even though you cannot tell from this face shot.)
Kim, Vasisthasana.
Christina warming up during the arm balancing section for the backbbends to come later.
Lisa, eka hasta bhujasana.

Jeremiah, astavakrasana. (Brochure shot.)
Christina. Warmed up. Scorpion.

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ari said...

I just want you to know that I am in a bad-ass arm balance right now, even though you can't tell from this comment.

ha, ha.

I missed you guys today. Do you plan on doing it again soon? Like maybe once a month? hm? no pressure. *ahem*