Monday, December 3, 2007

Immersion This Weekend

Photos that Ari took at the Immersion are posted here. She got some really great shots. Go visit:

The weekend was really great. We reviewed the Primary Flows of Energy and the Seven Loops in Saturday morning's practice. We watched Carlos' video on the Upanishads and then did a pranayama and meditation practice. On Sunday we dove into the Spirals of the legs in the asana practice with some fun, culminating poses like surya yantrasana, visvamitrasana and hanumanasana. Lots people had lots of breakthroughs. After a break we did some more detailed analysis and review of Inner and Outer Spiral and made a brief, slightly confusing foray into the spirals of the arms. Everybody did so well and we really had a fun time.

Of course, this morning all Kelly can talk about is how he can barely walk, he is so sore. I keep telling him to quit whining and think about all the cool stuff he was able to do yesterday. (See how un-fun it is to live with the yoga teacher!)

I invite comments from the weekend. Please post your musings and your experience. (You have no idea how fun it is to get comments on a blog. Unless of course you have a blog and then you know.) For me it was another one of those weekends when I am so happy to have this method and the community that it fosters. Really, the weekend flew by and it was so fun to see lightbulbs go off and fun to hear people say, "I finally get what you have been talking about!" Truly, it was a pleasure teaching this weekend.

Another thing that was neat over the weekend is that there were a lot of people from the "other group" doing make up classes. In January, when we meet up again the two groups will join and become one group. I am excited about this because each group has a pretty different personality and mood and so I am interested to see how they compliment each other when joined.

In January, the first weekend will be a lot of review to make sure we are all on board to go forward. We dive into Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and also we have Mark Uridel coming to give us some nuts and bolts anatomy help, which is really exciting. Later in Part Two we will have Craig Williams give us some lectures on the Tattvas and on subtle body anatomy. So I am looking forward to all of that.

Okay- so that is the morning update. I have some business to attend to, some of which involves a very exciting project I am working on with my friend Darren Rhodes in Tucson. More on that later.


mandy said...

I like all the new pics!
After you watching you demo the Sirsasansa/Bhekasana series that weekend I finally got it for the first time. I was like "man I'm glad that lady is going to teach me some yoga!"
I have a picture of the Austin Kula (or the small little Kula is was back then) with you and John that weekend. I love this pic, it's on my Puja. It always reminds me of the support I have.

Christina Sell said...

That is so sweet. I remember being so happy to be here in Texas on a new adventure and also missing my Arizona pals. But I like seeing everyone in the pictures also- there really is a lot of support.

annc said...

Ok, am a couple of blog posts behind, but will post anyway.
Am glad I signed up for the immersion. Felt like the dots are connecting.