Friday, December 7, 2007

If Only

If only I had more time to write I would wirte about the fun classes we ahd on Wednesay down here and the almost over-the-top classes last night. But I have a long list of chores to do since we have a big weekend planned and I have to pick Noah up from the aiport in a few hours. So perhaps later I will have a chance to recap the week.

Another highlight of the weekend is that my friends Meg and Chris are here for the weekend. Meg was one of my first yoga students in Prescott, Arizona. Chris worked for us for many years at our coffee shop while he was in school. Along the way, they got married and had a baby, Maple, who is here also. So today is Meg's birthday and since they live in Wisconsin where it is very chilly, they came down here for the workshop and for visit in the Texas "winter" , which is like their summer. I taught last night and didn't get to see them but they came over for dinner with Kelly and we are going to meet up any minute to go walk the dogs.

That is my favorite thing about Anusara Yoga these days. Yes, I love teaching, the alignment, the philosophy, but really, after a while it is more about the people and the connections and relationships we have all established over a long period of time. That is where the juice is. After a while it is as much about that as it is about the poses and the practice. Sometimes I find it absolutley stunning that this practice gives me firends and connections all over the globe. how cool is that?

Okay, must go although I could certainly keep writing. Love to you.

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Anasazi said...

I couldn't agree more about the people and human connections that have grown around my yoga practice, especially since I stumbled into the Anusara camp. The love and support I feel from you people accounts for a huge part of the enjoyment I derive from my practice.