Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Night

We had fun classes at the San Marcos School of Yoga tonight. Tonight was the last Monday night of this 8-week session. The 5:30 class did a lot of work with shoulder loop and practiced vasisthasana, pidgeon prep variations, ustrasana, some twists and shoudlerstand. The 7:00 classe did supta padangusthasana variations, ardha bhekasana, virasana, triangmukaipada pascimottanasana, krouncasana and viparita karani. I worked with the theme of the Guru tonight. GU- means darkness and -RU means Light. So the guru is that which brings light to darkness. In a very practical way, the guru function comes alive when we practice and bring the light of awareness into places within our body that are dark or unaware. In that way we become our own guru when we practice; we become one who dispels darkness.

So- Anyway- more on this as the week continues.

I had a great day. After the morning routine of puja and breakfast, we walked the dogs, I pracitced asana and then ate a yummy soup that Kelly made. After lunch I wrote until time to teach this evening. All in all, it was a very mellow and productive day.

Tomorrow I go look at venue for Juan Amigo's workshop in 2008. I hope we can have that cinched up soon. Then, all you local folks, get ready for the committees...lots to do!

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