Saturday, December 15, 2007

Practice with John

John worked with the theme of planting seeds in the dark that will take root for the new year. We did a very mellow but quite deep practice. It was a really awesome mood and I learned a few nuggets for myself. With John's help I did some major backbends and that was fun. (Anne, I have some ideas now so you won't drop me!) I thoroughly enjoyed myself. One thing that I really got a glimpse of here with John is partly why he is so effective as a teacher is that he keeps things so simple. he is well steeped i the deep philosophy that infomrs our way but really, his teaching is so simple, so easy to relate to and so practical. The whole hear theme really is about creating meaning. He said time again that whoever has the most meaning will work the hardest and make the most progress. Very simple. Not easy.

After practice we went to John's house to sit at his puja in meditation, which was nice. He is really so very generous. It is quite inspiring to watch how he delights in sharing his home, his puja and himself with his students. Definitely something to aspire to.

After that, I got some food at the HEB and came back to my suite to cook it. (Although I could do a whole entry about navigating the very cool HEB at The Woodlands after 4 hours of practice and meditation and no food which was slightly short of an altered state experience!) After dinner and a short trip to ROSS, I fell asleep and enjoyed some needed rest. This morning I got up did my pranayama, mantra and meditation practices and got started writing right away.

I will write more tomorrow. I am trying to get some work done this morning. We meet him again for practice at 1:00.

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