Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pictures from Practice

Me and John.

Peter Goodman- Man of Shakti. (what a glow.)

John in Wild Thing.
I told John I would post this next one on my site and say that this is the new direction of Anusara Yoga. (Lots of sprawling over chairs.) He laughed and said, "Yes, we will be making the move to restoratives this year!" Actually, this then went to dwipada viparita dandasa over the chair, which then became scorpion prep with the chair and then eventually full scorpion for me!

Becky and John Feeling the Love.
Charly, Paige and Julian.
John and Becky- one arm cobra assist. You guys are going to love this. I had forgotten about it but we will have to do it at Eye of the Tiger. Me helping Peter.John helping Larissa free her back in bhujangasana. (move from the inner body more...)
It was a fun day. I had the delusion that since we did backbends yesterday we would be forward bending today. But then John set the theme for today's practice as "cultivating fire" and I began to think that forward bends were going to be hours away. They were. We had a lot of fun, got into some deep stuff and then I drove home.
Other than a speeding ticket in Martindale, it was perfect day. (I blame the backbends. "Uh, Officer, if you had done three hours of backbends with John Friend you would be going 68 in a 55 yourself." Well, I didn't try it but I was in such a good mood I didn't even get pissed off when I got stopped.)

All right then folks, have a great day.

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