Friday, December 28, 2007

Last night of the marathon

So last night was the last night of the Thursday night yoga marathon. On the new schedule I will just teach the 4:30 and the 6:00 class, thus saving my sanity and allowing me to take two-step lessons. (A two-fold reason for the change.) Last night was really fun, though.

The advanced class was nice and full and with lots of new faces. I talked about "momentum for resolve." I had planned to work on headstand dropovers but since so many people were new, we worked up to dwi pada viparita dandasana instead. Hopefully the new people will get on board with the long-time students, make the same kind of commitment to the class and 2008 will be be, in the words of my friend Darren Rhodes, "Radical Expansion".

The 6:00 class was fun walk in the park toward vasisthasana. Let's say it was a meandering, funny, sometimes painful walk through a park with a few hills and barking dogs! People really worked hard, paid great attention in "Come watch-asana" so I felt like it was both a good practice and a great learning opportunity.

One thing that was fun about the 6:00 class is that we had a brand new person in there, which to me is so exciting. Think about it- it is a great practice- how exciting is it when someone takes it up and wants to learn. Such a thrill. (although, it was a kind of hard class for a first class, but, oh well...)

In the 7: 30 class we worked on lotus pose and balancing Inner and outer spiral. I had asked Kelly what he would talk about if he was teaching a class and he said, "Balance in stressful times." So we worked on balanced action and opening the hips, so as to help balance the nervous system as well.

Anne, Kelly, Tabatha, Ari, Mike and Susan all double-dipped at 4:30 and at 6:00. Jesse and Meg doubled dipped at 6:00 and 7:30. I even told the etymology of "double-dipping" at 6:00. One of my very best friends is a woman named Laura Freshman. She now lives in Denver but we know each other from Prescott, Arizona. She used to come to a 9-10:30 class I taught and then stay for the 11- 12:30 class that followed. When she stayed, she called it "double- dipping". So- now her legacy lives on here in Austin in the many dedicated folks who take two classes in a row. Actually, it is a great thing to do because an hour and fifteen minute class is not very long but combined, well, you get a very nice, long practice! (And in general, I do keep the double dippers in mind so if you get backbends at 4:30, in general, you won't see them at 6:00, etc.)

Okay then- Have a great day. Not much is on my agenda other than a dog walk, a long practice and hopefully, some time writing. Love.

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