Sunday, December 23, 2007

Desperate for Desperate

"Hello my name is Christina. I am powerless over Desperate Housewives." (all together now, HI CHRISTINA...)

Okay, now this is the true yoga confession of all times- I am addicted to Desperate Housewives. And I blame my father. Clearly it is his fault. Okay, I am kind of kidding. Well, not really. I have never watched that show before he showed it to me on this visit. In fact, I am not a big TV watcher in general (I am not someone who "doesn't watch TV" on matters of principle. Far from it- In fact, I have very few principles and wouldn't waste the few I actually do have on something like watching TV. But I am someone who just doesn't watch a lot of TV. )

So on our first night here Anne and I watched the pilot and then the first episode with Mom and Dad. (Interesting that Mom was there but I blame Dad, isn't it? See the glimpse you are all getting into our family of origin?!!) So the first night, I found the show charming. But charming became something else entirely last night when we watched like 4 episodes! And with each one I was like, "just one more", really believing what turned out to be a bold, outright lie. Four - count them- four episoides later, after 11 pm, we dragged ourselves away from the TV, calculating how many more episodes we were actually in possession of and would they last throughout our visist. (Mom and Dad get it from Netflix and they only get three discs at a time. So given our rate of "use", the lag time due to delivery from Netflix, our supplier, the Christmas Holiday where there will be no mail delivery, and so on, we are approaching a scaricity problem by well, tomorrow. We are considering going to the video store and renting the rest of the season.)

Okay- so that is the report from the wilds of Georgia. Lest you think that all we did was watch TV yesterday, we actually hiked through the woods, at lunch, went shopping, bought groceries, pracitced an awesome forward bending/twisting/padmasana sequence, I made dinner and so, at least so far my "addiction" hasn't really interfered with the rest of my life. (I think they call this rationalization and justification, don' they?)

Anwyay- Mom and Dad are at church, Anne and I are going to go hiking before lunch.

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