Monday, December 31, 2007

From Lisa's Camera

Pigeon Droppings

Tabatha in Urdhva Danurasana- (Do we all remember when Tabtha could not push herself up off the ground without help? I do and it was not that long ago- now look at her, just rockin' this pose. Love the practice. Love the method. Be the pose, Tabatha...) Visvamitrasana.
Me and Mandy.

Mike, still in kukkutasana... Really, he held this forever while looking quite at peace... Anne, not looking so peaceful, however....
Faceplant. We can all relate.
However, totally redeemed by this eka pada koundinyasana...
Kapinjalasana warm up.
Me, flirting with hubby.

Tabatha working toward mayurasana.

Up against the wall...

Lisa, Mandy and Christina. (me, looking very short.)
Mike and Susan. (Susan who made the delicious quinoa and also the fancy cookies, of which Kelly comandeered the leftovers and we are not- so- slowly eating...)Those who lived to tell the tale....

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