Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yoga Hour iphone app just released

Well, I have so much to write about at the end of the week of teacher training. I am, however, going to start with a commercial for Darren's new ipone app. Click here to see the preview!

I am spending a little time on this commercial because it also happens to be Darren's 39th Birthday today. I am thinking it would be really cool if we could get 1008 people to buy the app- after all, it's only $2.99- and practice with it today. I think it would be such a cool thing for him to know that people all over the world were doing this practice on his birthday.

I got to thinking about this because Darren is such an inspiring practitioner and those of you who know him and his work, you know that if it is one thing his life speaks to, it's the power of practice. And that is the awesome thing that this app offers people of all ages and abilities- a practical, accessible and convenient way to practice yoga. Today. Now. Anywhere.

So, join the fun, join the birthday celebration. Buy the app. Download it. Practice with it. Tell all your friends and wish Darren Rhodes a very Happy Birthday!

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