Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night

So Karen and I met up with the group today- Karen was a genius and scheduled the start time at 12:oo so I had a lovely morning to sleep in, practice meditation, asana, eat and prepare for the day. We did, however have a long session that went all the way until 5pm. Karen had assigned the group presentations during the last intensive so that was how we started and it was a very interesting way to meet a group and assess how best to support their growth. I could easily see where the strengths and weaknesses of the group were and so that was fun. The group is diverse in age, ability and experience and so that is kind of fun also. Karen is a great teacher and a strong leader and the students are kind, respectful, open and generous. I think we are going to have a great week.

Karen and I spent some time talking about co-teaching which was interesting. I have taught extensively with Darren and he and I have a way that we do it. I have taught a lot with Noah and he and I have a way that we do it. And so it is such a great opportunity to work with another person and develop a way to blend our mutual passions, perspectives and talents. I think there is no one way to do it- like so many things in Anusara Yoga, right? There is just more ways than one to be effective. At times this can even feel frustrating because it lacks a definite parameter upon which to gauge oneself and one's efforts. And yet, at the end of the day, I am glad we have a variety of options that are acceptable and a variety of ways to go about sharing the method with others.

However, good communication is key. And one thing about communication is is that it is most effective when it is fresh and current rather than old, rotting and stale. Let something sit too long unsaid and it can really fester. So what's fun about Karen is that we have a good rapport and along standing friendship and so exploring our different options together is mutually affirming, supportive and both of us are regarding the process pretty fluidly together.

Tomorrow I am going to kick off the day and talk a little about sequencing and then I will teach a class to the group (and to 30 people from the surrounding area who will join with our 28 folks) and then we will have a chance to debrief. After our lunch break, I anticipate a foray back into some of the articulation skills we practiced this afternoon. Anyway- time for me to head to bed. I need some rest.

All right, then. Bedtime.

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