Monday, August 30, 2010

Well, I had an excellent weekend in Friendswood, Texas. Valerie assembled a lovely group of sincere and dedicated yogis of all ages and abilities for a weekend of yoga I called "Exploring The Artistic Science of Anusara Yoga." We did a flow class on Friday night, a standing pose and arm balance class on Saturday morning, a forward bend/hip opening class Saturday afternoon and a back bending group practice on Sunday morning. This was my 4th visit to Sundance Yoga and each time is better it seems. Valerie, the owner and director of the studio has been a student of John Friend since the early days of Anusara Yoga and she is quite an expert in the therapeutic applications of the principles of Anusara Yoga. She also incorporates partner yoga and intuitive healing and many other influences in her teaching work at Sundance. The result? A heartfelt, soulful sanctuary that nurtures everyone who walks in the door.

I had a great time being with the new and returning students there and getting a chance to meet the folks who came from surrounding areas. Kelly came with me and took some awesome pictures and compiled a slideshow that is up on YouTube. Click here to watch the video.

Kelly and I got home and went over to Anne and Jeff's house to meet with Mom and Dad for dinner and to begin the week of wedding preparations and celebrations. Also- head's up to everyone here in Austin and anyone from nearby who can make it- We are having an open group practice on Saturday from 12:00-2:30 at The Castle Hill Annex to celebrate the happy wedding couple that loves to do yoga together. I am leading the practice, Castle Hill has donated the use of their facility and any donations attendees make will go straight to Anne and Jeff. Please come and enjoy the practice, the good company of our awesome community and remind yourself about about the power of love!

I am home for a few weeks and I have stack of things to do including some nesting things like cleaning out some closets, cabinets and so on. I am having a very strong urge to nest. I suppose this is not a surprising urge to have considering that I have been living in other people's homes for almost three weeks straight. So anyway- onward through the day.

more tomorrow.


Melissa said...

HI Christina,

Who is singing the song & the song title from the video? Lovely.


ZenDude said...

Music is Hanuman Jai, by Bronwin Rhodes