Monday, August 16, 2010

Tucson Teacher Training Day 4

Good evening.

Here are a few scenes from Teacher Training. We really had an amazing day today. Today I outlined a sequence for the group to work with and then I taught the first side of the pose and the group took turns teaching the second side. Everyone in the group today got a chance to teach in front of the whole group and I must say for day 4 of a training, I have never seen such skill in action. This is a very high caliber group and not just the fact that people did a good job technically implementing the skills we have been working with. I think the thing that stands out a lot in the group is the compassion, the support and the way it is safe enough to feel unsafe.

We talked a lot about that today in the group discussions about how fear can manifest when we teach and I think for me that feeling totally confident is not really the point of teacher training. Feeling safe enough to be vulnerable, to feel safe enough to act in the presence of fear is really what teacher training is all about. It is one of my all-time favorite teachings from John. BAck in the old days, he used to tell s, "feel your fear AND dedicate to something Higher than the fear."

And that's what people did today- they took bold steps forward in the midst of nervousness and fear and we all learned and grew and even laughed some together. D taught some hands-on adjustments during the afternoon which was stellar.

Okay- well more could be said, but the day was long and the hour is getting late and tomorrow will come early! More soon.

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