Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Morning

Well, it's another morning here at the Sell household. I am finishing up my breakfast after my morning practices and thought I would take a few moments to check in.

I had a really great day yesterday. I taught Focus on Form, met Gia for lunch, swung by Lululemon for a visit, came home, did my asana practice and then went back to The Castle to teach the 6pm Level 3/4 class. Both classes yesterday were definitely on the technical side which was kind of fun for me to really dive into the techniques that bring the poses to life.

Again, I do have to say I like it all as far as teaching goes. I like the flow-based, practice-based type of classes that are more theme and breath oriented. I like the alignment, technique-based classes that really feed our knowledge base of the poses, our bodies and the how-to go deeper. I like it when those things join. There is just so much value in each- attitude, alignment and action. Anyway- yesterday was kind of an alignment day.

I was up finishing my packing last night and getting ready for my trip. I head out to Tucson today for the first week of teacher training. 2 years ago, Darren and I taught our first Immersion together and we have taught three full 108-hour cycles since then. Now we are offering a teacher training and so I am anticipating that we will have people from each of those cycles as well as some folks joining us who have done their Immersion studies somewhere else.

It's so interesting to actually look back at the 2 years of these intensives in Tucson. These weeks have been so instrumental in my growth as a person and as a teacher. I really have found them to be so meaningful that its a bit hard to put into words. Two years of growth, change, shifts internally and externally in myself and also in the many students who have participated over the years. It is somewhat stunning to consider, really, what the process of learning and teaching can invoke. Darren and I talk about this a lot, in fact. When we are teaching, it's obvious that the students are going to enter into a kind of chamber for the week. I remember at some point along the way when we realized that we were in that chamber also. that even though we were there "holding the space" for others, the reality is that the process was working on us also. We were in the fire, we were deep in our own contemplation and self-study. I love that about teaching. I really do.

Anyway, I am excited to meet our group and to have 6 days to dive deep into the basics of teaching Anusara Yoga. We will focus a lot on verbal articulation skills, heart-based themes and on sequencing strategies since those things are such the bedrock of good teaching in my opinion.

Plus, I love my Tucson family so I am really looking forward to being there. Darren and Bronwin are some of my best friends, the students at Yoga Oasis are supremely wonderful, open and fun to teach and the students who come from distant lands to these training are typically highly committed, focused and dedicated. I mean, think about it, they get on a plane, take 9 days out of their life to do a training. That is just not casual! So usually in Tucson, I have a great time, supported by folks I love and doing what I love the most. Really, it's a great thing.

Teacher training for me is also a unique kind of conversation. We really get deeper into the method and into a whole new range of considerations as we clarify and practice not just what the method is but how to communicate it effectively to others. It is a very different rasa, a very different flavor than anything else. And every group is different so while similar themes do emerge, it is never boring because every group has a unique story and process.

I will check in about our work throughout the week.