Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Five

So here is exciting news...
The workshop that Noah Maze and I taught back in July at Yogaglo is now for sale: http://www.yogaglo.com/blog/2010/08/noah-maze-christina-sell-in-your-living-room/
You can visit the site and check out the class descriptions and then buy individual classes or the whole shebang. It was a great weekend and I am so excited to be able to share it with everyone.

Teacher Training continues to go well. Today we worked on Sequencing towards a peak pose and spent a lot of time with Q&A and then we talked about ethics, adjustments and observation. The group continues to inspire me with their dedication and their skill and their sincere desire to represent the method with integrity.

One thing that I am really thinking about this week as I am looking at this group of students who are coming up as a the next generation of Anusara Yoga teachers is how important my friends and colleagues in Anusara Yoga are to me. I keep reflecting on the early days of my involvement in the method and how, at the time, I was having a good time and learning the yoga and so on but there was no thought in my mind that many of those people I was with at the time would come to be my best friends and my biggest cheerleaders and truest sources of support.

So I keep thinking about how perhaps, some of the people in this room are, even as we speak, forging friendships today that might be there for them ten years from now. I find that an inspiring thought. There is, it seems to me, several levels of "what's going on" in these trainings. There is the surface level of learning sequencing, articulation skills and hands- on adjustments and so forth. There is also the level of personal inquiry and soul searching that each person goes through in a week like this. And there are the friendships. And so on like that. Each level has its own texture and its own demands and its own unique beauty.

More tomorrow.


群育航學 said...

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Julie Taylor said...

I am very grateful for the Yogaglo workshop series that you and Noah are sharing. I'm gearing up for my second weekend workshop with Noah here in Sydney Australia - it is such a blessing to have such great teachers visit us. It is also enormously connecting for me to have this online community from blogs to Yogaglo classes! Noah mentioned something you said about the 3 types of Yogis that get attracted to Anusara and I'm pretty sure I'm a combination of engineer and mystic! Thanks for all that you do - perhaps you would consider traveling down under one day???
Blessings, Julie