Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Night

We had a great day of teacher training today. It was so fun to come into the studio and see people after so many months and to listen to how people greeted each other so fondly and so enthusiastically. It was a real homecoming in so many ways.

We started the day with some journal writing about intention and with introductions and then launched right into Theme Building 101 and then an asana class. After lunch we met back for more work with Themes and then with some practice teaching, working mostly with refining instructions with the breath. We have a very high caliber group of folks and they are open, receptive and everyone is just really going for it. It's a lot of fun to teach a group of people who so whole-heartedly love the method and are ready to bring their teaching that much more into alignment with it.

I, of course, am enjoying teaching with Darren and the magic of our combined efforts that we have come to rely upon has definitely sparked. We have such unique and compatible ideas, viewpoints and experiences as teaching and I think the group really benefits from our combined offering.

After class I did my inversions and then Darren and I taught his 5:45 Expanding class which was a lot of fun also. We had over 50 people in class tonight and we taught sirsasana 2, bakasana, parsva bakasana and headstand drop over from sirsasana 2 with some great preparatory work. It was a lot of fun after analyzing yoga teaching all day to just teach a good solid class with my friend and to to enjoy the great students that make up the Yoga Oasis community.

All in all, a great day.

Scenes from the day:


Anne-Marie Schultz said...

Is that the same Lulu top I have or is yours lemon yellow? inquiring minds want to know.

Christina Sell said...

mine is yellow with a greenish hue but definitely yellow.