Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, its been a whirlwind since we got home from Colorado. Last night's classes were fun. So many folks were in class that I hadn't seen in a while and also lots of the folks from out of town who are here for the Teacher Training were in class and so it was really fun to see everybody.

After class Kelly and I went to pick up Noah from the airport and we came home and have a late dinner and all of us crashed around 10:30. We got up and made our way to Catherine's lovely abode for the Teacher Training.

We spent the morning with introductions, outlining some of the scope and sequence of the training and just looking at the different ways that we might sequence a class. The thing that really struck me about the day is just how much grey area there is to teaching an Anusara Yoga class. There are so many ways to do it and to teach effectively and so much just simply depends- on where you are teaching, on who is in the room, on what you hope to accomplish and so on. There really is no one way to do it and it is impossible to talk about every possible contingency you might run across. It is always such a balancing act between expereintial teaching excercises and spending time really exploring and talking about the nitty gritty deatials of teaching yoga.

After our day at Catherine's we took a field trip to Breath and Body Yoga where I taught my 4:30 class. We worked tonight on back bends and we did a strong flow to introduce some basic principles and then we got into the details of refinement with some demos and Q&A. We worked some things out and helped some different people find some new ways to work in the pose that alleviated some patterns of chronic pain and discomfort. My theme was about the empowerment of alignment and how the knowledge and practice of alignment empowers us to experience greater freedom. And wouldn't you know it- it worked! At least in the cases where people were willing to tell me about what was going on with them.

And I had an absolute first happen in class tonight! I lost complete track of time and even forgot my class ended at 6:00 and taught my class straight until 6:30. Completely lost track of time on all levels. It was such an engaging class with everyone so interested and asking great questions and learning that I was completely swept away. Luckily, everyone was understanding and generous with me about my mistake. Wow, how funny. Never before has that happened. Hilarious.

All right then, must go to bed!

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