Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scenes from this Morning's Class

Okay, here are some video clips of my class this morning called "Arm Balances for Everybody." My theme was about using these poses not to access physical strength but to cultivate and strengthen our connection to our true and deepest core strength, our connection to Grace.(And when we know that, we can act with greater integrity....)

Here is me teaching a bit about vasisthasana...

This one is me helping Lisa get to this variation of trikonasana without bending her leg. (She asked the question, "How do we do this without bending our front leg?" And you know how we do it... you ask the question, you get to demo! She did great.)

Okay, my film man (Kelly, that is) turned the camera for this one and so the perspective is odd. But this is me on a bit of a tear about bakasana and a lesson I got on it from John Schumaker at Feathered Pipe last summer.

Enjoy. More tomorrow.


Svetha said...

No problem about the perspective. I just turned the laptop sideways. Thanks for the videos. It's nice to hear your voice and laugh again.

Svetha said...

oops, that might sound off..

"It's nice to hear your voice and laugh again...."

Not that I was laughing about your voice.

I should say, "it's nice to hear your voice and YOUR laugh again."

Christina Sell said...

funny. either way works for me!

Leanne said...

That's so funny- I was thinking how much I miss your laugh too. It really is a unique and contagious laugh! Just like you!
I think it's funny that I never knew your feet were "supposed" to be apart...I think the only way I can do it is with my feet together!