Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Down Dog

So, yesterday morning, after Kelly and I got home from taking Noah to the airport, we were laying down on the bed and Spirit came in to say hello. She was whimpering and seemed a bit agitated which is not unusual after several days with no walk. So we said to each other, "Yes, let's go walk the dogs...we are tired and that will be a nice way to ease into the day." So as we got up to follow Spirit out of the room, she careened into the door frame and her head jerked way off to one side and her eyes rolled back in her head and I say, "Wow, she is having a seizure or a stroke!" So we laid her down on the bed and tried to keep her still and decided after a few minutes to get her to the vet.

The Austin vet did not seem appropriately worried and so we called our San Marcos vet, Dr. Jeff who said to bring her in immediately. We did. He confirmed that she was having a stroke, gave her some meds, got her sedated and told us to let her be so she could rest and perhaps, since we caught it early, she might recover. So we tearfully spend some time with her in her kennel and then left her there and came back home. Last night she had showed no signs of worsening and now this morning she has drank some water and perhaps will be able to take some nourishment. We shall see. Dr. Jeff has not given up and therefore neither have we.

The saddest part is maybe that Moshie is walking around the house looking for her and kind of moping around a bit. That, and it has been raining for two days which makes the mood of this even more sad. Dr. Jeff said that we have to wait a bit more- since she has not gotten worse- to see if there has been any damage and to see what will get better on its own.

SO tonight we ahve a big line up of classes at Westgate. I teach my usual 4:30 all elvels class and then Jeremiah is coming to 6:00 advanced to celebrate his birthday (25 big ones, get ready, he requested it!) and I am subbing the 7:30 flow class for Sandi, complete with a new musical soundtrack I put together last night. So come for one, come for two or, come for 3! It is my last night on the public class schedule at YY so come join me for the fun.

In May my public class schedule changes quite a bit so stay tuned for details on that. (posted on the side bar. ) I start Thursday mornings at 8:15 at Breath and Body this Thursday, and then I am out of town until Wednesday May 6th but I will teach at Breath and Body at 4:30 that week, Thursday morning and then my May 7th 40th Birthday Party and Practice kicks off a summertime int/adv. practice on Thursday evenings at Breath and Body (6:30-8:15or so). Please come join the fun for that!

The following week I add a Tuesday 6:30 class at Breath and Body and a Wednesday night 7:30 class at Bodhi Yoga as well. So lots of fun chances to come to class this summer.

Oh, and one more thing- please tell your friends and students about the May8-10 weekend of Anusara Yoga that I am teaching at YogaYoga.

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Yoga with Malia said...

I love the quote
"My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am"

Many prayers for your dog. They mean the world to us.

Since you live so close, we should go on a walk. Bubbles would love to meet your whippets, if they are cool with other dogs.