Friday, April 24, 2009

Saturday Morning

Well, the days seem to be flying by.

On Wednesday we worked a lot with strategies for teaching the UPA's in class. Teacher Training is so interesting. I am always completely fascinated by the process of it. We spend A LOT of time talking about teaching a fair amount of time practicing teaching drills and yet, none of that is actually teaching a class. However, the strange thing is that each of those components that we make into teaching exercises and drills is part and parcel to the art of teaching. We keep using the metaphor that TT is like learning to play the scales and teaching class is more like playing jazz.

On Thursday we spent the whole day working on Heart-Based Themes. We reviewed the Christina Sell Formula for Developing Heart-Based Themes and refined it and honed it even further and play with putting it into action. The group did very well and made a lot of progress over the three days. Really, we all agreed that it was at least a year's worth of things to practice and refine.

And that is really the point of TT at a certain stage in the certification process. Don't worry so much about keeping all the Anusara Yoga Plates spinning in the air (so to speak) if you are new to teaching Anusara Yoga. Start working in pieces and get comfortable with the small manageable chunks along the way. Like for a given period of time, work mostly on instructing with the breath or using the primary flows and the breath or adding in a heart quality or just work A LOT on verbal adjustments and observation or on refining your demonstrations skills. Focus on one aspect of teaching Anusara Yoga until you gain some mastery over that and then add in another component.

Today we being the Asana Intensive which is going to be great. After talking about yoga for three straight days, its going to be fun just to teach and do.

Love Shack 10:30-1:30 and 3-6. Both days. Be there.

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