Friday, April 17, 2009

InBeaver Creek

Wow we had such an amazing day. First of all we were in a great hotel thanks to my host! We stayed up way too late last night and so we slept in and spent some time working this morning and then went out into the snowy Winterland and took a walk, had lunch and then soaked in the hot tub. Here are a few pics from our walk:

Kelly on the street...
Christina on the street- (note the cute winter wear on loan from Desirae!)

Kelly on the bridge by the creek...

Christina at the top of the hill. (big hill at elevation...gasping for air...)

Christina hugging the honey bear sculpture...
Then we checked into our next hotel for the conference which is SO NICE and here are some pics. This is the view from our room:

Here is Kelly in our room... they even upgraded us. How cool is that?

Here is another view of our room

We had time for an asana practice in the fitness center and then a soak in one of the five (!) outdoor jacuzzi tubs. Then we cleaned up and went to the opening dinner. It was great food and good company, the only down side being that evening entertainment was cancelled due to weather. The musicians got stuck somewhere in transit. Oh well. It was fun anyway.
More tomorrow!

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