Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Night

Okay, for me the Teacher Training is going much too fast and I am thinking- I cannot do it in 20 hours- so much to cover so much to clarify, so much to down load. But well, we are in the thick of it now and we will just get to what we get to. Then the next 10 will be jam packed and then I will be wishing then for more time!

We spent the day diving into heart-based themes and getting some practice developing them. I delivered my basic formula- or set of basic formulas for developing heart-based themes. (For Pammy's two cents on the subject, please visit her blog. She did a fabulous job of synthesizing the training I gave on this during the last TT. Liz B reminded me of it today and so check it out.

Then we spent some time working on instructing with the breath and some ideas of sequencing to teach muscular energy to a group of raw beginners v. how to teach muscular energy to a group of experienced students of yoga who are new to Anusara Yoga and its methodology.

I am having a great time teaching the training. I am so in love with the topic of teaching yoga and it is a kind of ecstasy for me to have get to spend so much time talking about the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional task that it is to teach yoga. Teaching yoga is never boring, it is sometimes frustrating, it is always challenging, it is consistently rewarding, reliably humbling and delightfully empowering. Really, it is amazing Work. So much is involved and so little of it actually involves the technical aspect of teaching a pose.

Tomorrow, though, we dive into the technique even more fully. We continue looking at sequencing, we practice teaching the different UPA's and hopefully we get some solid time in observation and demonstration. Big day on deck. Yippee.

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Pamela said...

Hi Christina,

Thank you for the plug on my developing heart themes post. I had this really GREAT teacher who distilled it down to a cake recipe ;-) Seriously, that Teacher Training was one of the best I've experienced. I frequently return to the lessons you taught us.

On a separate note ... don't want your readers to miss THIS POST which includes video of "The mat that makes Christina taller"

With Love,