Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Morning

Well, I am finishing up with some internet tasks and with my cup of tea and thinking about what to write. Yesterday I organized my closets which is always a time when I contemplate aparigraha and my complete and utter application of said principle relative to clothing. For my non-yoga readers, aparigraha means non-grasping or non-hoarding. To practice aprigraha one might choose not to collect more than they need or can use. One look at my closet and we can all see pretty clearly that I have not applied myself to that particular ideal! I did make some organization progress though. And I collected a bag of things I am going to pass along to Anne and then she can deal with aparigraha (or not) relative to her clothing collection...

Then I made a fantastic lunch of yogurt rice and spinach and spent some time doing some editing for my book. (When will it be out, I am always being asked. And really I just do not know. the simple answer is it will be out when it is out. The first book was not in print for a whole year after it had been accepted for publication so really, it may be 2009, it may not be on this one. I am hopeful for 2009, however. But there are lots of hands in such projects and different hands work at different rates so it is just too soon to know.)

After that I did a fantastic asana practice. Kelly joined me for a while and he did his first-ever unassisted drop back to urdhva danurasana from standing. It was really cool. His first attempt unassisted landed him on his head but he laughed, got right back up and tried it again, which was great to see. One should always get back on the horse, when at all possible. I worked a lot on kapotasana which I decided would be my goal pose of 2009. I can grab my toes easily, I can grab the outside of my feet and with help I can sometimes get my heels. But the real pose has you grabbing your ankles. So I figure working on a solid grasp of my heels this year is a good place to start and perhaps by the end of the year I can work toward grabbing my ankles. Anyway, be ready everyone- it will be year of quad stretching.

So tonight is the last class that I am teaching on Thursday nights for a while. It is kind of the end of an era as I have been teaching that 4;30 advanced class for 2 years now. The class has really morphed and changed a lot but many of its original attendees are still regularly rolling out their mats at 4:30 only now much more able to arm balance, back bend and turn upside down and even inside out. Its a pretty cool thing. I will miss the class as I have really enjoyed it. But in addition to kapotasana for 2009 I have a resolution to guard my time and energy when I am home a little better than I have this year. This means I need to practice some boundaries relative to time off and making sure I get adequate R&R.

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