Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here in Tucson

So I got to Tucson last night and I can hardly believe all that has happened since we were all gathered here for Part One. So many lessons on so many fronts.

Lately, through a series of events that for various reasons I am not going to publish on the world wide web I got a wake up call around integrity. In the Fourth Way work there is this concept called "Shock". The idea is that sometimes we need a shock in order to break out of a habitual pattern, be it physical, psychological, emotional or so on. Well, I got a great shock recently- the shock waves of which filtered into just about every nook and cranny of my life and issues with which I have been struggling. Really, it is so fantastic. In one instance, instead of feeling trapped and stuck, I saw new avenues of creativity, new possibilities for myself and an invitation to greater integrity between my thoughts, words, deeds. So incredible.

The first thing I realized is that first and foremost I do not want to be an insane yoga teacher and that the pace of my work as of late is quickly taking me there. The second thing is that the answer to certain financial stress and strain I have been feeling is not to make more money. (Well, not only. It is an issue of faith, of trust of budgets and skillful means.) The third thing is a level of acceptance that teaching yoga is a high calling and will call me to root out and purify those things that are not aligned with my path. Period. Like it or hate it, this path is no longer a choice. So I can complain about it if I want, but really, it is what I am doing and what in some ways, is being done to me, so deal.

I could go on but at a certain point, the rest are probably variations on the theme. Landing in Tucson, Darren and I just jumped into a great two hour long catch up about our lives and planning session for the day. We have lots of folks returning from last time and some new folks joining us. I can't wait to meet everyone and get going.



Pamela said...

Wow... Sounds like big things are being revealed to you AND you are tuned in as well. What a huge opportunity for insight when both of those things are aligned.

Good energy going your way for this next immersion! Looking forward to you returning home to Austin next week.


Jeremiah Wallace said...

God seems to do that to us, doesn't she? I'm currently writing a paper about how one shock/realization creeps into every facet of your life and kinda explodes. More on that soon as I'll have a lot of time to write this winter break.

Pamela said...

Jeremiah, you will have to share your paper ... or some of your ideas from it on your blog.

Christina Sell said...

OKay, Pam, stop using my log to pressure Jeremiah into writing more on his!!! (Although J-Man, we do love it when you post.)