Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, it is Christmas morning here in Georgetown, Texas at the Sun City Del Web Community where Mom and Dad are spending the winter. I suppose in many other places it is Christmas morning also. Although, my friend Timothy is in India and so it is not Christmas morning for him anymore. But he and I exchanged Christmas emails yesterday when, for him it was Christmas. Okay, rambling, now.

Kelly and I got up here yesterday afternoon and made dinner and watched National Treasure with Mom and Dad. I was so sleepy about half way through the movie that I almost went to bed. And I should have because by the time the movie ended I was wide awake and I could not get to sleep. So I got back up and watched The Pacifier with Vin Diesel and even some of Bruce Almighty with Jim Carey after that. So now, suffice it to say, I am a bit tired this morning. Tonight I will have to observe a better "bedtime protocol" for myself!

All right- Mandy and I have been scheming about a New Year's Eve practice on Wednesday for a while now. I love practicing on New Year's Eve. Every year in Arizona I would lead a candlelight flow class on New Year's Eve. Then people could go out and party and do their thing. Anyway- I think something like that would be fun this year. I do not know where yet, but I am aiming for somewhere in Austin that afternoon or early evening. Anyone interested? I thought I could make a sequence that incorporated as many of our "Resolution" poses as we could so that we all could support each other in working on them. Of course, this means you have to email me and tell me you are coming and what poses are on "your list." More details to come, obviously. (Like where and when!)

Also- Mandy has organized the Thursday group practice to begin on January 8th. I am actually in town that Thursday and so I may get to lead the practice for its inaugural session which would be really fun. (For me, anyway! Hopefully for you. Please come!) And Lauren sent me pics of her space, The Love Co-op and it is truly love-ly. I cannot wait to practice there. What a cool project that we get to support and that will support all of us. Does it get better than that? The address of the space is 2525 s. Lamar (corner of Bluebonnet and Lamar, behind the Walgreen's and taco express/maria's tacos), unit 9. Please e-mail Mandy for more details about the practice and stay tuned for more details about class offerings at The Co-op.

Also that evening (January 8th) Craig begins his 4-week course on the Gita at YogaYoga South. Really, we should all go to that. Someone told me that someone else told them that they were kind of "Bhagavad Gita'd out" which really made me laugh. If you have come to yogic equanimity with your karma, your dharma, your adhikara and your devotion, then by all means go out drinking instead- you are free from the need for these teachings!!! But for those of us still pondering the issues of our place in the world, our yogic skill in action, this course might be a useful way to start the new year. I think it would be give great support to whatever resolutions and intentions we make for the year.

Okay-well, enough advertising for now. Email me if you have interest in a New Year's Eve practice and when I iron out the details I will post them. Here are some pics from yesterday:
Kelly, beginning the photo documentation for the trip.
Me, ready to go.
Dogs, loaded into the car. Lots of stuff also loaded.
Mom and her Dog.
Me, in bed this morning wishing I had gone to sleep earlier.

Okay then, more later.


Anne-Marie Bowery said...

count me in for practice. any twists as it is the year of the twist and believe me I need all the support I can get in the year of the twist.

Love, ANzy

mandy eubanks said... pose for 09' was going to be Vip Chak but have discovered a longing to understand sirsansa and sarvangasa cycles. I'm particulary interested in parsva padmasana in sarvangasana.....goes in line with your plans for the adavanced class in 09.

mandy eubanks said...

Also I figure if I can loop my shoulders enough to keep my chest lifted so I don't fall over in parsva sarvan than it would be great preperation towards Vip Chak....not to mention the open psoas that I'm hoping for during the process.

Christina Sell said...

ooohhh--- this is good- now we have shoulder loop in a twist which knowck two bird one stone and then prepares for kapotasana(My pose of the year) ANd now I must plug Anne's upcoming inversion workshop. Don't miss that!

Lisa said...

I would love to come on New Year's. My preference would be for afternoon over evening...

Susan S. said...

I would come, depending on the time. Afternoon would work for me, too. I'm all about working toward padmasana!

Jeremiah Wallace said...

I'm totally there for the practice. I'm working on the entire Level 1 Syllabus, but basically, If I can just get a good ol' flat Pascimottanasana, then I'll have every pose on the syllabus. Only the forward folds are holding me back, everything else I have in my pocket. So if we can just end in some good strong forward folds, I'll be quite happy (begrudgingly so, but happy).