Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

So, I have many childhood memories of this day. What day is this you ask? Well, it is Christmas Eve Eve and really, as a child, it was like the longest day of the year for me. Christmas and all the presents were not the next day. There was the whole day of today, then the whole day of Christmas Eve and then it was Christmas. At some point in the whole affair of growing up together, Anne and I discussed our feelings about Christmas Eve Eve and we discovered we each felt the same way about it. So over the years we have taken to commemorating the day every year with at least a phone call, if not a fun activity.

Anne is a bit under the weather so I am not sure what her plans are for today but I will be teaching my yoga classes this evening and then hopefully scooting over to the Alamo for Slumdog Millionaire. That is, if I can actually end my class on time, which as we all know, is not one of my strong suits. Last night Kelly and I went to see Yes Man, which I thought was funny. I was definitely in the mood for funny and I love Jim Carrey movies. Well, most of them anyway. I like them best when he doesn't really try to act. But that is another story. And yes, movies are part of my personal Christmas time traditions that go way back.

All right then, more later.

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mandy eubanks said...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Any plans yet for the annual New Years practice?