Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quick Update

So, after the Immerion in Tucson, I spent a few days in Prescott WHICH WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD FABULOUS for me on so many levels. But most profoundly important was connecting with so many of my friends there. It was like walking into a big embrace. It was really a potent and important visit for me.

I came home on Thursday. My plane landed around 1:30 and Anne picked me up. We got a cup of coffee at Whole Foods, checked out the Lululemon store and then made our way to YogaYoga for my Thursday night classes. That was fun. Well, I had a fun time. And please come next week because they are the last Thursday classes I am going to teach for a while- I am not on Thursday nights on the next schedule. So join me for a big blowout practice next week.

Friday Kelly and I drove to The Woodlands for a practice with John Friend and for the Anusara Yoga office party which is becoming a holiday tradition here in Texas. It was a fun practice and nice to see all the Austin folks there this year. Such a tangible representation of our growing community of dedicated practitioners here. Last year, the only Austinites to make the trip were me, Charly and Paige. This year, we were the biggest group there. (Go Austin domination is near!)

Yesterday, we drove back to Austin in the morning and I taught the Immersion all afternoon, which is what is on the agenda today. (not the driving part, but the teaching part!) I will catch up on those details tonight or tomorrow morning. For now, I must get to my mat for a practice and then head up to Austin. We dive deeper into the tattvas today. Yippee.

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