Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mid Winter Sweatfest

A few pictures from practice. I didn't get many. But we had a nice crowd in attendance- Jesse, John, Valerie, Me, Kelly, Erika, Margaret, Hanah, Mark, Anne, Jeff, Jeremiah, Kristin, Sheldon, Tristan, Meg, Kim,Caroline. I think that is is but I am feeling like I have forgotten someone... Oh well. Chime in if you were there and not on this list! Fun times.

We had a very fun, sweaty practice together yesterday. I brought a camera and everything but we were just so into practicing that it was hard to capture a lot of it on film.

The sequence, more or less:

Surya Namaskar- 15 minutes
handstand- 5 minutes
parsva utthita hasta padangusthasana
vasithasana 1,2
wild thing
deep hip stretches- forearms to floor, shoulder under shin, head behind shin
in flow:clasped parsvakonasana-clasped parva uttanasana- clasped parsva utthita hasta padangusthasana
eka hasta bhujasana
eka pada kouninyasana 2
wild thing
vira 2
reversed vira 2
surya yantrasana
vira 1
parivritta parsvakonasana
in flow- clasped parivritta parsvakonasana to clasped parivritta uttanasana to bird of paradise
ekapada koundinyasana 1
dwi pada koundinyasana
parvsa bakasana/dwi pada koundinyasana attempts from sirsasana 2
wild thing
supta virasana
kapotasana prep with stright arms like urdhva danurasana
kapotasana prep back against wall with leg rooting partner assists
urdhva danurasana (load the legs!)
standing up form urdhva and dropping back
viparita chakrasana
kapotasana - (Yes, christina got her heels thanks to J-Man's most intelligent assist- just a few more inches to the ankles in 2009!)
eka pada rajakapotasana variations
parsva uttanasana
baddha konasana
ardha matsyendrasana

We had a nice gathering afterwards over at the Sell Family Estate. We had the perfect amount of food and people to enjoy all the food. It was a fun and upbeat meal with a very comfortable enjoyable vibe. Perhaps I can start a holiday potluck tradition here. At Prescott Yoga we had the most fabulous holiday yohga party every year. We did a white elephant (but we changed the rules- it was a gift that you did not want but that someone else might not just some random piece of crap you had laying around) and the food and drink was always off the charts. So perhaps next year we can have a practice and a potluck at my new house!! yes, they took the offer!)


Stephanie R.Y.T. said...

what is AMS?

Align with Nature said...

Adho Mukha Svanasana.

Christina! No photos of the ramp? I love that you all had a sweatfest. It is negative 10 here is Wisconsin.... Hmmhhh.

Christina Sell said...

the ramp did not get a lot of play time after all.

Stephanie R.Y.T. said...

oh, duh! it's so often the simple things that hold us up :)

whatnot said...

Congratulations on your house!