Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So our Day One really was Day Seven, which was incredible. We picked up right where we left off if not further down the road because everyone really worked with the material and kept their Part One experience alive so fully over the last two months.

Yesterday we began with opening sharing and it was so deep and rich and inspiring and it was the opening group! I was so astounded as people went around and shared about what they got from the first week and what they had been going through since that THIS IS MY JOB! I mean, what a radical thing and what an amazing thing to be part of- bring these teachings into the world into other people's lives and having the opportunity to sit in circles with such sincere people who are dedicated to yoga and its sometimes challenging principles. What a cool thing that is.

The other really interesting thing was how similar the themes were in what people were sharing and going through. So many people balancing the zeal for practice and transformation with the need to accept and allow. SO many people experiencing the sanctuary of community. So many people facing challenges yet affirming the goodness in themselves and situations as they process their way through it. We really are quite connected it seems.

We worked with Inner and outer spiral toward hanumanasana yesterday morning, and dove into inversions, pranayama and meditation in the afternoon. All in all a very rich and full day. I definitely have more to say but it is time to brush my teeth and get in the car for DAY TWO.

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